A Brief History of the Birth of the Idea of “Trimental Group”

Led by the desire to change and break the traditional models and stereotypes in the field of organizational counseling, the team of Trimental Group created a company that relies on an individual approach to each employee and is ready to lend a hand and be useful to both the Managing Director and the Human Resources Director, the formal leader who wish to form a successful working team, the informal leader who is recognized by its colleagues as someone they trust and would follow in difficult situations, employees who for whatever reason find themselves isolated in a work environment.

Our team

The team of Trimental Group is made up of professionals who have worked in different areas and organizations. Each of them is a proven professional in their field, who has seen the advantages and disadvantages of the system in which they worked. The Trimental Group’s team has gone through the stage of internal change and self-awareness and has achieved a quality new vision and a higher level of consciousness both in terms of its own unique nature and the mechanics of interacting with the surrounding world.