Human Design

Human Design and Relationships

“Yet you are here not to be like others” (Ra Uru Hu).

Most human beings make decisions based on what they are not, based on their receptors, based on their desire to be like everyone else because they feel guilty because they were ashamed because they were influenced or motivated by the surrounding environment, or because they have psychological traumas that they have since their childhood.

What is important to you is to experience your uniqueness. Unless you experience your uniqueness, then you will never succeed. If you look at the way humanity is designed at the genetic level, you will see that we all have a basic genetic imperative.

And this basic genetic imperative is to do more. If our genes do nothing more, they die. In addition, our genes always want to do something new. And the more they continue to do something new, the greater the ability to withstand mutation and survive. One of the basic things in Human Design and Relationships is that we are designed to be attracted to what we are not. In other words, we are genetically engineered for the survival of our species to be attracted to where we can be influenced.

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The problems of most relationships are that the participants in the relationship do not enter it properly and do not realize that the relationships they support are not right for them. These relationships can include family, business, kids and so on. When we talk about partnership, the best partnerships are those in which everyone comes in line with their own strategy and authority. The best way to have, encourage and develop a happy relationship is to respect the nature of the other. Trimental Group will help you learn about the mechanics of Human Design and realize that you can not change anyone but just influence the people around you.