Organizational consultation

Creating and managing teams

To create a working team in which people are motivated and looking in one direction, everyone feels in their place, everyone is satisfied with the work done, and as a result, the goals and tasks of the organization are fulfilled in time, with the necessary quality and achievement result – it’s the dream of every manager.


We at Trimental Group can fulfill your dreams!

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Driven by the conviction that each one of us is designed to be different and unique, there is a unique potential and purpose that is here to discover and realize, not by itself, but by interacting with the world around us, we rely on innovative approaches and methods of analysis and assessment of human capital by offering non-standard solutions in the formation of organizational policies for attracting, retaining, developing and managing human resources.


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We firmly believe that people can feel inspired by their work, satisfied with their day-to-day communication in the work environment, effective in fulfilling their tasks, motivated to achieve higher results, successful in realizing the set goals.

And this is possible when we apply an individual approach to each individual based on the knowledge and respect of its unique human nature, its ways of interaction with the surrounding world and its models for building working relationships with other team members based on respect, trust and a sense of belonging to a particular community that shares common goals, vision and culture.