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Managing organizational change

Managing organizational change is a planned process that aims to improve the efficiency of the organization while at the same time increasing the satisfaction of its members.

The four areas where the need to make changes in each organization seems to be the most pressing are people, technology, information processing and communication, and competition.

Managing change, be it on an individual or organizational level, is also a challenge for the most successful managers. Managers in an organization must be able to manage change and be able to persuade employees in the organization that changes are part of the normal functioning of the organization without being perceived by employees as a threat.

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Any change, whether linked to the restructuring of the organization or the introduction of a new evaluation system, involves the involvement of different groups of people and needs to be managed in a targeted manner. Very often, organizations focus on achieving the desired outcome by ignoring the procedural aspect of changes in changing the behavior of different groups in the organization – employees, middle management, leaders, senior management.

For a change to be successful, it must start with a status quo analysis in the company and plan the changes you want, and go through the following stages:

– adoption of new processes in the organization by the different groups;

– understanding the essence of novelties;

– taking into account and implementing the changes.

An indicator of the success of a change is that employees in the company accept the change as part of the corporate culture of the organization and do not want to return to the old processes.