Organizational consultation

Organizational diagnostics

For an organization to be effective, it needs constant adaptation to changes in its environment, including change in technology and human resource development. However, in order to achieve a competitive advantage and a sustainable outcome as a result of organizational changes, a thorough preliminary analysis and knowledge of what needs to be improved in the organization and what needs to be changed in order for this change to lead to development is needed. Such knowledge can be acquired through the diagnosis of the organization and this makes it a necessary stage prior to any change.

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Diagnosis is the process by which we determine when and what is needed or should not be changed if we want to keep good results. The organizational analysis is aimed at studying and evaluating the company’s operational activities, corporate strategy, structure, staff, skills and culture. In conducting the organizational analysis, we apply a comprehensive approach that includes a set of sociometric and psychometric tools and procedures to investigate the status of employees and the state of the organization as a whole.

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In the course of organizational diagnostics, we analyze:

– organizational efficiency of the company;

– staff satisfaction and engagement with company strategy, vision, and goals;

– management potential, leadership processes and team leadership;

– the processes of interaction, internal and external communication within the company;

– levels of professional stress;