Social Network Analysis

Benefits for your business

The social network analysis can help companies manage with different classical situations such as:

  • Choosing a leader

If you are looking for a new team leader in your company, an analysis of the trust and respect of the team members will give you important information about your choice;

  • Creating teams

There are many situations where managers want to know how to build a team of people that is as close as possible to all parts of the organization. Social network analysis is indeed useful in making such decisions;

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  • Retaining people with key knowledge and expertise

This can be achieved by increasing the social capital of the organization. For example, people with more contacts in the organization are most likely satisfied with their work and are more likely to stay in the organization;

  • Smarter solutions to the formal organizational structure of the company

This is achieved by understanding the structures of existing social networks. The social networking analysis gives an idea of how the organization actually works, how decisions are made, and to what extent the existing organizational structure is effective. The analysis can highlight gaps or duplication in the organization’s reporting structure, or highlight the people who play a crucial role in the transfer of knowledge. Performing social network analyzes can reveal models whose change requires organizational changes or changes to the remuneration system;

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

When an enterprise or organization plans to merge with another, the social network analysis makes it possible to analyze such situations. This process involves not only two organizational cultures but also two different networks. This helps the managers of the two companies to unite their networks by selecting the right people in the appropriate departments.

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The benefits for your business can be:

– Greater connectivity between departments, departments and directorates in the company;

– Better communication;

– Increase sales;

РIdentify real leaders;

– Retention and development of human talent;

– Significant improvement in overall performance;