Social Network Analysis

What is social network analysis?
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Social network analysis is a practical tool that allows the measurement and mapping of hidden interrelationships and relationships between people, taking into account their specific organizational and social contexts. Social network analysis is an innovative method that studies the dynamics of formal and informal interpersonal relationships and work interactions at organizational level, as well as the factors that affect them.

This method of research is also known as organizational network analysis and is particularly suited to planning processes related to organizational change management and its use in various fields of strategic human resources management.

Social network analysis is an important tool for businesses to explore and analyze existing social networks, to uncover the main players (informal leaders) in them, and to determine the extent to which they meet corporate needs and goals.

The social network analysis allows us to analyze the density of the social network and the level of connectivity between its components, to see where cooperation fails, where talent and expertise can be better used, where talent and expertise can be better used, where decisions are ineffective and where opportunities for expansion and innovation are missed.

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