Social Network Analysis

What does social network analysis measure?
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The social network analysis is based on a sociometric test containing a series of questions. Each question is defined to identify the network of relationships in your company.

It aims to measure interpersonal relationships in an organizational environment, as well as preferential relationships in a selected situation.

The sociometric test provides information on:

– The sociometric status of the individual;

– Preferred colleagues;

– Structure of the group as a whole;

– Ability to break down the group of subgroups;

– Degree of Group Integrity;

– Leadership Characteristics;

– Isolated people

– Influence;

– Tension;

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The social network analysis explores the following types of networks:

– Organizational – analyzes links, information flows, and communication channels between individual employees or units within the company, identifying which employees are key to the functioning of a process or structure (informal leaders) where the so-called “narrow throat” exists and what are the main carriers of innovation and knowledge for the company.

– Influential – identifies people with network influence, helping the company to find out who the potential employees are helping to deploy / distribute new products and services, and which could potentially sabotage the process;

– Value – explores the links between individual units and structures that are involved in building the value chain for a company.